My Method: "The Essence of Satiation of Self"


I have been a student, associate and practitioner of the Anthony Robbins School for over 25 years. I have trained tens of thousands of people on several continents.

My method, not so much was invented by me as it came to me from inside the subconscious mind during meditation.

Key Understandings:

The basic and primary process of our existence is HISSING.

Meeting all our basic needs is done in 3 basic steps:

1 Feeling unsatisfied.

2. The Saturation Process.

3. Sense of saturation.

This applies both to biological needs (food, water, oxygen, sexual needs, sleep) as well as to higher ones (needs: security, belonging, love, recognition and self-fulfillment).

My discovery is that we also enjoy Emotions, Energies and Narratives.
Self-satiation matrix:
1. The self must always be full of something.
2. The self does not care what you are doing. (whether it is constructive, destructive or neutral).
3. The more you feed, the more you pride yourself.
4. What you are proud of, you identify with it. (“I AM THAT I AM.”)
5. What you identify with, you will defend it. (Therefore, our Ego, when he hears someone “take change”, hears “take weapon”
6. You can change what you eat without the Ego. (individually designed by me and repeated Incantations)
7. Change what you feed and change your life. (attitude, behavior, feeling emotions, energy and narration)

Results of the “The Essence of Satiation of Self” method

Because I work in the original process of Satisfaction directly with the Self, I do not touch the History of traumas that are guarded by the Ego.

The result is immediate, i.e. after 2-3 hours of exercises selected and recommended by me.

There is one way to find out: