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Free yourself from your traumas

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How to free yourself from emotions, thoughts and energies that limit you, and in return experience the emotions, thoughts and energies you want, desire and need.

What my clients say

Malgorzata Daniel

"Piotr Domurad is a trainer of the Grand Format. Thanks to individual sessions with Piotr I freed myself from the trauma that haunted me for many years. I regained the joy of life and energy thanks to which I developed my wings in business. Sessions with Piotr are not only a process of detoxification of the mind, it is primarily development on many levels - emotional, intellectual and spiritual thanks to which you have the chance to realize your dreams and achieve your goals. "

Kamila Panus

"First of all, I think that the very form of the exercise, i.e. the incantation in motion, literally raises human vibrations, energy goes from heels, and it is scientifically proven that mechanical vibrations help to rebuild neural connections in the brain 😁 Improved well-being and the so-called sense of agency This allows you to move from the passive phase to taking responsibility for the creation of your life Of course, the relationship also improved because I got rid of expectations of other people, and they in they felt relief tym As if blockades and barriers have fallen. "

Adam Darrinow Piano Tuner

"The training with Mr. Piotr Domurad was very professional. In the six-month training program, fundamental truths were given to us. We would have to live several times if we had to invent them all ourselves. The training taught us that we have two options: Development or Pleasure. The training at Piotr Domurad is a paradise for seekers of the highest class motivation. The training has enough spiritual fuel for mental progress. We learned to acquire it, use it and then teach it to others. The exercises prepared by Mr. Piotr helped us. The course taught us Thanks to this, even the most tedious classes are developing, because not a single hour is at work but in an elaborate disciplining and satisfying work. Conclusion: "The way up the hill is the way to the top." As you can see, you need to be focused on the course , because from time to time such gold and platinum sentences come up: "Depression usually affects egoists." Anyone who puts in practice at least one such sentence can get rid of bad habits and in this place, according to their project, design themselves according to sound principles. Mr. Piotr taught us how to get out of the ruts of habits. What is the effect today? Our contractors are attracted to us now, for a previously unnoticed reason. Now they feel that we have money and not money, because today we aim for their good. We understood that empathy is the key to every success and financially, and co-servitude reigns in everything "

Edyta Grablewska

I have been associated with the MLM industry for 2 years. Looking at my experiences during this period and building my own business from scratch, I must consciously state that in order to be able to accomplish this, you must first build yourself. And here comes the question of how to do it? Everyone must find the right tool for themselves. I strongly recommend Piotr Domurad's mentoring. He is a man who was the first to know how and with his commitment was able to turn my back on the right track. Incantations - as one of the tools have helped me direct my thinking towards the perception of myself. And, as a result, I opened my mind to the opportunities that today gives me a job in the MLM industry.

Almost 3 decades of collaboration and practice with Anthony Robbins.

What is the nature of your challenge?

I want to change my mood

To change your mood, you need to know what elements affect its creation and where are the access points.

I want to change my behavior

New attitudes, daily rituals and celebrations, jointly planned so as to constantly feel the Fullness of Life

I want to help others

A set of simple exercises for you and the person you want to help to do together. They work even when a person is not completely convinced of their effectiveness.