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“Genius is an interdisciplinary synergy of simple laws.”

Piotr domurad

Hi, my name is Piotr Domurad, and I am so grateful to help so many people succeed with Corporate and personal Transformations. All I can say is “Thank You”.

Corporate Transformations

Results: 1994-1998 Training System for Commercial Union Poland (50%+ of individual life insurance market Role: Training Manager 1998-2002 Start Up of Winterthur Poland (from last position, 23rd to 5th within a year) Role: Sales Director 2005-2007 Start UP of RGS Life Russia (1st place in Russia)

Team Transformations

Sales trainings for 60 000 Consultants Worldwide. Industries: Banking, Cosmetics, Life Insurance, Factoring, Jewelry, Captains and Crews of Super Yachts

Personal Transformations

As an Anthony Robbins' Leadership Team Member since 1991. Hundreds of individual transformations during international events, private sessions and video sessions.

Map of Competence

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Strategic Planing

Recruitment of key personnel.

Defining and implementing sales systems.

Building and maintaining positive and constructive atmosphere in the company

Creating and implementing training systems.




Basis of Team Spirit and Culture

Team Rules of Effectiveness

Sources of conflicts and its transformations.

Team Virtues and Vices Alignment

Mastering New Skills

Any of other relevant challenges




Personal Virtues and Vices Alignment

Resolve of Inner Conflicts

Emotional Mastery

Access to Inner Genius

Personal Transformations